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You've come upon Shimmering Brilliance, the Listed Fanlisting for Candles. I have so many different types of candles in my home and they bring me a lot of happiness! I have tons of scented, some unscented, about 20 decorative, I have candles in all sorts of sizes and shapes, and I actually prefer candle light over electrical lighting, so whenever feasible, it's candles instead of the light switch! Are you a candles fan too? Then be sure to join! This fanlisting is owned by yours truly, Jennifer.

Akasha (gloryfades.org) sent me her list of members, so please check to see if you're already listed. If you are, please update your links! :)

02nd August 2009: I lost about 60 members when I did an upgrade, so please rejoin if you see that you're not listed anymore.

Stats & Updates

The fanlisting went online on 23rd January 2009 and was last updated on 06th July 2021. We currently have 335 listed fans, with 0 in line to be added on my next update. Welcome, Hannah


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