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"It was a headless horseman!"
"You must not excite yourself..."
"But it was a headless horseman!"
"Of course it was. That's why you're here."
"No, you must believe me. It was a horseman... a dead one... headless!"
"I know, I know."
"You don't know because you were not there! It's all true!"
"Of course it is. I told you... everyone told you."

H ello

You've come upon It was a horseman... a dead one. Headless., the Listed Fanlisting for Ichabod Crane (Sleepy Hollow) in the Characters: Book/Movie category. My favorite version of the character is the one Johnny Depp brilliantly and amusingly played in the 1999 film. Are you an Ichabod Crane fan too? Then be sure to join! This fanlisting is owned by yours truly, Jennifer.

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The fanlisting went online on 02nd April 2016 and was last updated on 05th January 2022. We currently have 19 listed fans, with 0 in line to be added on my next update. Welcome, Evie

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This site is all fan based. I don't know Johnny Depp or anyone involved with Sleepy Hollow and I don't own any images used in the making of this site. If you have any concerns, feel free to write me.

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